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M.Sc./M.Engg. in AEM

  Pre-requisite for Admission  

For admission in Master of science program requirements of appliants are following

  1. The applicant must have a Bachelor degree in any engineering branch from a reputed University or institute.
  2. The applicant must study some core course of IPE . They are Operation Management, Operation Research etc. If those courses are not taken in undergraduate level, even though he/she meet the first requirment, cannot apply for masters in IPE.
  Admission Procedure  

(a) Applications for admission shall be invited through regular means of advertisement and shall be received by the Registrar.
(b) Before being finally selected for admission a candidate may be required to appear at an oral and / or written test by a Selection Committee as constituted by the BPGS. Every selected candidate, unless he/she has already been registered, shall get himself/herself registered with the University.
(c) After admission each student shall be assigned, by the relevant BPGS, an Adviser. The student is expected to consult his/her Adviser/Supervisor on all academic matters but, it is the responsibility of the individual student to see that his/her schedule conforms to the academic regulations.

    Courses Offered  

There are some compulsory course that every students must take. The number of compulsory courses per semester is usually 1 or 2. A student can take course offered by other department also.The courses offered by the department in M.Sc. / M. Engg. in AEM are following.

    Degree Requirements  

Total credit hours that a student need to complete is 36 credit hours. For M.Sc. degree the student must complete 18 credit hours of course work and 18 credit hours of thesis work. For M. Engg. degree the student must complete 30 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours of thesis work.

Currently the department offers only M. Engg. Degree in AEM with 30 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours of thesis work

    Full Time and Part Time Study  

In full time student of M.Sc. or M. Engg. degree have to take at least 12 credit hours to maximum 15 credit hours. One can take theory courses and part of total thesis credit hours in a semester. In part time M.Sc. or M. Engg. degree a student can take maximum 9 credit hours of courses and thesis work.

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