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Pramiti Sarker


Academic Background

Bachelor of Science (Industrial & Production Engineering) (September 2015)
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Research Interest
  • Probabilistic Methods in Engineering Design
  • Uncertainty Representation and Propagation
  • Model Validation and Verification
  • Multidisciplinary Design Analysis
  • Optimization under Uncertainty
  • Operations Research
  • Ergonomics
Courses Taken

IPE 311: Material Handling and Maintenance Management
IPE 305: Manufacturing Process II
IPE 401: Machine Tools
IPE 427: Marketing Management

Lab Courses:

IPE 204: Engineering Graphics and Introduction to CAD Sessional
IPE 206: Manufacturing Process I Sessional
IPE 300: Industrial Practice
IPE 302: Measurement, Instrumentation and Control Sessional
IPE 306: Manufacturing Process II Sessional
IPE 332: Production Process Sessional
IPE 382: Measurement and Quality Control
IPE 408: Ergonomics and Safety Management Sessional
IPE 410: CAD/CAM Sessional
IPE 432: Machine Tools Sessional
IPE 470: Industrial Simulation Sessional
IPE 480: Business Communication Seminar II


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