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Undergraduate Study

  Admission in IPE  


Enrollment in the B.Sc. in Industrial and Production Engineering degree program requires students to have completed 12 years of studies in Higher Secondary School Certificate (H.S.C.) program or GCE A Level program.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for prospective undergraduate students begins immediately after the publication of the result of the H.S.C examination, usually in the month of August, every year. The call for admission application is published in national dailies. BUET admission is very much competitive. Students with a minimum GPA in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English of their Higher Secondary Examination (HSC) are allowed to appear in the admission test. Each year the minimum GPA may vary. Please refer to the admission booklet to know about the minimum GPA set for a particular year.

After the admission test, best 965 students get the opportunity to study in this prestigious institution. The ranking of the students based on the admission exam is published on the BUET web site. The students are given the chance to choose a department in the order of their merit position. The department of IPE currently have an intake of 30 undergraduate students.

  Courses Offered From the Department  

In the curriculum for the undergraduate programme, besides the professional courses pertaining to Industrial and Production Engineering, there is a strong emphasis on acquiring a thorough knowledge in the basic sciences of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Due importance is also given for the study of several subjects in Humanities and Social Sciences which, it is expected will help the student to interact more positively with the society in which he lives. Thus the course contents of the undergraduate programs provide a harmonious blend of basic sciences and their engineering applications as well as their social relevance.

The first two years are spent on basic work in mathematics and physics, and an introduction to the fundamental areas of Engineering. The last two years completes the development of knowledge in most of the major branches of Industrial and Production Engineering and related topics. The third and subsequent terms build directly on the knowledge of the basic subjects gained in the first two terms and go on to develop competence in specific disciplines. In the final year, the students get the opportunity to choose some optional specialized courses and carryout a comprehensive project and thesis work. The Project and Thesis work provides an opportunity to develop initiative, self-reliance, creative ability and engineering judgement.

Funds and Scolarships

In BUET, students get several scholarships and awards according to their merit and result. Different categories of scholarships are available. More detail information on scholarships/awards, you may visit the main site of BUET or follow the link given.

    Industrial Attachment  




After completing level-3/term-2 students are sent on a short industrial attachment in different industries to achieve some practical knowledge and also to apply what they have learned theoretically in the previous three levels. The duration of the industrial attachment is six weeks and it is treated as a three credit course. So students have to perform in order to achieve a good grade. Their respective industrial supervisor carries 50% of their grades. And rest 50% grade is given by their academic supervisor.

    Graduate Study

The Department of Industrial and Production Engineering offers the degrees of M. Engg., M. Sc. Engg. and Ph.D under the graduate program. The courses and syllabus followed by this department for the above degrees are the most modern ones like that of advanced countries as well as appropriate to the local needs. The syllabus is so designed as to contain all the necessary study materials so that a graduate can face the engineering problems readily after graduation. The teachers of the department meet periodically to review the courses and their contents; necessary changes are made to update the needs and trends from time to time. the following degrees are offered

Rules and Regulations for Postgraduate Programs

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