Welcome to the Department of IPE


Industrial and Production Engineering is an engineering discipline that is greatly valued internationally. It has been contributing enormously to the improvement of productivity and operations as well as operating conditions of numerous organizations all over the world. In Bangladesh, the esteemed arena of Industrial and Production Engineering emanated from BUET in 1981 as a postgraduate program through the establishment of the department of IPE. In order to develop competent engineers with managerial capability for our industrial sectors, the department of IPE started enrolling 20 students at the undergraduate level in 1997. Later on, considering the growing demands of IPE graduates in different industrial sectors, the number of new students per batch was at first increased to 30 and then to 50 in the academic year 2017-18. Since the establishment, the department has been conducting vigorous researches emphasizing manufacturing engineering, production technology, establishing expert systems, development of machines and instruments from locally available resources, development of local industries, improvement of efficiency and productivity, elimination of waste, quality control management etc., making the study of IPE a successful amalgamation of engineering and management science.

The Department earnestly emphasize on a healthy and intimate teacher-student relationship so that the true potential of each student is realized and flourished. The department not only focuses on the development of technical knowledge among students but also put a fervent effort to make them more expressive and communicative to improve their competence over business graduates. The result of this endeavor becomes evident if we look at the phenomenal capture of the job market by IPE graduates. Graduates of IPE, BUET become a source of talent working in industrial sectors such as Process Industries, RMG, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Food & Beverages, EHS and Quality Control. The placement of graduates in the industry has placed this department amongst the top three most chosen departments by the students. The department of IPE considers its students and graduates as its biggest asset who can contribute with an unbound opportunity in both home and abroad.

The relationship of the department with the local industries is strengthened through various programs such as seminars, conferences, yearly events and various improvement projects. The Department of Industrial and Production Engineering aims not only to produce efficient engineers but also well-educated conscientious leaders who can contribute to the development of the country through ameliorating our industries.