M.Sc. Engg./M.Engg. in AEM

M.Sc. Engg/M.Engg. in Advanced Engineering Management (AEM)



The department offers about 8 postgraduate courses every term, from a group of more than twenty five approved courses. Theory courses needs to be chosen from those offered by the department in respective terms. There are some compulsory courses that every student must take. The number of compulsory courses per semester is usually 1 or 2. A student can take course offered by other department also.

Courses offered to the Graduate Students (M.Sc. Engg./M. Engg. in AEM)



For M. Sc. Engg. in Advanced Engineering Management (AEM) a student need to complete a total of 36 credit hours. The student must complete 18 credit hours of course work and 18 credit hours of thesis. For M. Engg. in AEM a student must complete 30 credit hour of course work and 6 credit hour of thesis.

Currently the department offers only M. Engg. degree in AEM with 30 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours of thesis work.



In full time status, the students of M.Sc. Engg. or M. Engg. degree have to take at least 12 credit hours to a maximum of 15 credit hours. A student is allowed to take theory courses and part of the total thesis credit hours in a semester. In part time M.Sc. Engg. or M. Engg. degree, a student is allowed to take maximum 9 credit hours of course and thesis work.