Sanjoy Kumar Paul

Assistant Professor

Academic Background

M.Sc. in Industrial & Production Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology
B.Sc. in Industrial & Production Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology
Govt. M.M. City College, Khulna
Failahat Kamal Uddin Madhyamik School , Bagerhat


Theory Courses

IPE 401: Machine tools Characteristics of machine tools, recent developments in the design of machine tools, Drive system of machine tools, design of mechanical drive, speed gear boxes, feed gear boxes, infinitely variable drives, PIV and other mechanical stepless drives, hydraulic drives, electrical drives, bearings, spindles, slide ways of machine tools, machine tool structure, location principle and locators, clamps. Detailed case study of engine, turret and automatic lathes, drilling machines, shaper machines, planer machines, milling machines, grinding machines, gear shaping and gear hobbing machines, forging machines. Dynamics of machine tools, installation and acceptance tests of machine tools, automatic transfer lines.

IPE 301: Measurement, instrumentation and control Introduction to fundamentals of engineering measurements, study and use of instrumentation and control systems. Linear measuring system, instruments limits, fits and gauges: ISO system of limits and fits. Precision dimensional measurement of length and angles, roundness profiles and flatness, surface roughness and texture, wear, Taylor's principles on limit gauges, Abbey's principle, measuring threads, gear; ultrasonic measurement, measurement by light-wave interference, electrical and electronic measurement. Digital recording by LASER and LASER beam dimension measuring system. Opto-electronic dimensional gauging, Non-destructive testing methods (NDT methods), Inspection and kinds of inspection, Testing and calibration of gauges, dynamic measurement . The characteristics and use of analogue and digital instrumentation applicable to industrial engineering problems, statistical methods for developing system specifications, basic concepts of modern instrumentation. Concepts and importance of control system, control system description; state variable and transfer function representation. Sensitivity, concepts of feedback of the feedback control system, electromechanical controls. Digital computer control

IPE 411: Industrial and business management Business and management process, managerial function of business and then relative importance, managerial skills and development. Emergence of management thought and the patterns of management analysis, scientific management and Taylorism, modern operational management theory, emergence of behavioral sciences, recent contributors of management thought. Management and society: the external environment, social responsibility and ethics. Organization and management: system approach to organization, organization theory and organizing practices, basics of organizing. Personnel and human resource management in business, human factors and motivation, leadership, group of decision making and communication, job gradation, process of performance appraisal and reward systems. Managing information for decisions and management information systems. Management in operations and business: systems approach to operations management and business, managing the marketing of goods and services, total marketing activity, marketing mix, some selected topics of marketing such as, industrial and consumer selling, advertising new product strategy and decisions. Management in the international selling, management revisited and challenges for management in the twenty first century.

IPE 493: Industrial management Management function and organization: Evolution, management function: organization, theory and structure, span of control, authority delegation, manpower planning. Personnel management: Importance, need hierarchy, motivation, leadership, wage incentives, performance appraisal, and participative management. Operations management: production planning and control (PPC) functions, quantitative methods applied in production, quality management, location and layout planning, safety and loss management. Cost and Financial management: Elements of cost of products, cost analysis, investment analysis, benefit cost analysis, risk analysis. Management accounting: cost planning and control, budget and budgetary control. Marketing management: concepts, strategy, sales promotion, Patent laws. Technology management: management of innovation and changes, technology life cycles.

IPE 313: Cost and Mangement Accounting

IPE 479: Engineering management

IPE 481: Industrial management


Sessional Courses

  1. IPE 432 for ME: Machine tools sessional
  2. IPE 302: Measurement, Instrumentation and Control sessional
  3. IPE 332: Production Process sessional
  4. IPE 382: Measurement and Quality control sessional
  5. IPE 206: Manufacturing Process I sessional
  6. IPE 320: Quality Management Sessional
  7. IPE 312: Material Handling and Maintenace Mangement Sessional
  8. IPE 322: Business Communication Seminar I
  9. IPE 306: Manufacturing Processes II Sessional
  10. IPE 470: Industrial Simulation Sessional
  11. IPE 480: Business Communication Seminar II
  12. IPE 408: Ergonomics and Safety Management Sessional
  13. IPE 402: Machine Tools Sessional

Selected Publications


  1. Paul, S.K. and Azeem, A., “Minimization of Work in Process Inventory in Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Using Fuzzy Logic”, International Journal of Industrial Engineering - Theory, Applications and Practice, Vol. 17 (2), pp. 115-127, 2010.
  2. Paul, S.K. and Azeem, A., “Selection of the Optimal Number of Shifts in Fuzzy Environment: Manufacturing Company’s Facility Application”, Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, Vol. 3(1), pp. 54-67, 2010.
  3. Paul, S.K. and Azeem, A., “An Artificial Neural Network Model for Optimization of Finished Goods Inventory ”, International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations, Vol. 2 (2), pp. 431-438, 2011.
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  5. Ali S.M., Paul, S.K., Ahsan, K., and Azeem, A., “Forecasting of Optimum Raw Material Inventory Level using Artificial Neural Network” International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management, Vol. 17(4), pp. 333-348, 2011.
  6. Bhattacharjee, B., Azeem, A., Ali, S.M., and Paul, S. K., “Development of a CNC Interpolation Scheme for CNC Controller Based on Runge-Kutta Method”, International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology, 2011 (Accepted).
  7. Tanzina, Z., Paul, S.K. and Azeem, A., “Sustainable Operator Assignment in an Assembly Line using Genetic Algorithm” International Journal of Production Research, 2011(Accepted ).
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Personal Biography

Sanjoy Kumar Paul has completed B.Sc. and M.Sc. engineering degree from the department of Industrial and Production Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka. He has joined in that department as a lecturer at April, 2009.

  • Interest: Reading novels, traveling, playing cricket, listening songs, watching sports in television and outdoors
  • Present address : 1309, Shaheed Smrity Hall, BUET, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
  • Nationality : Bangladeshi by birth