Ph.D. in IPE/AEM

Ph. D. in IPE/AEM



The duration for Ph. D. degree is a minimum four semesters and a maximum 6 academic years from the date of the first admission. A student must earn a minimum of 54 credit hours including a thesis of 45 credit hours.

A full time student (who is not employed anywhere even as a part time employee) is allowed to take a minimum of 12 credit hours and a maximum of 15 credit hours in a semester. A part time student is allowed to take a maximum of 9 credit hours in a semester.

The department offers 4 to 6 postgraduate courses every term, from a group of more than twenty five approved courses. Theory courses needs to be chosen from those offered by the department in respective terms. Some courses may be compulsory for all students.



To qualify for the Ph. D. degree a student has to complete course work and comprehensive examination.

Course Work: To qualify for the degree a student must earn a minimum grade point of 2.75 based on the weighted average in his course work.

Comprehensive Examination: The date and time of the comprehensive examination shall be fixed by the Doctoral Committee on the request of the Supervisor. Comprehensive examination is usually held after the completion of the course work by the student.

The comprehensive examination shall comprise a written examination and/or an oral examination to test the knowledge of the student in his field of study. The Doctoral Committee shall conduct the comprehensive examination. If a student fails to qualify in a comprehensive examination he shall be given one more chance to appear in the examination as scheduled by the Doctoral Committee. If the cumulative number of F grades obtained by the student is three or more in the same or different subjects taken together, he shall not be allowed to continue in the program.



Stipends/Research Assistantships/Teaching Assistantships are available for Full Time postgraduate students. The university has a number of institutional linkage programs for graduate student exchange with foreign universities.