Department of IPE is rich in lab facilities to make the students familiar with the real world application by assisting them to connect theoretical knowledge with practical experience. From learning how to run Injection Molding machine to application of screw conveyors through advanced measurement techniques with Co-ordinate Measuring Machine, the students get the perfect opportunity to gather the latest knowledge in production and manufacturing engineering. They also get to familiarize with the automation techniques like PLC and Robot. Again they learn the latest industrial simulation techniques and CAD softwares like, MATLAB/Simulink, ANSYS, Arena, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA etc. It's not just the design, they also learn the practical use which makes them ready not less than any experts in the job field where the excellence is the only thing that matters.

Machine Tool Lab

Location: Ground floor, E.M.E. Building.

Machine tools laboratory helps students to know about the different types of machines, opportunity to study details about machines, operate machines, and produce parts according to their own. Various significant machines like CNC Lathe Machine, CNC Milling Machine, Surface Grinding, Injection Molding Machine, Engine Lathe, Shaper Machine, Milling Machine (universal horizontal and vertical), Turret Lathe, Power Hack Saw Machine, PIV Drive Machine, Vertical Drilling Machine, Radial Drill Press, Boring Machine, Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) and Gear Shaper have made the machine tools laboratory a properly equipped environment for the students of IPE to be familiarized with these technologies and to obtain immense knowledge in different manufacturing processes.

Metrology Lab

Location: 5th floor, E.M.E. Building.

The Metrology Laboratory is set with the most advanced prototypes and measuring equipments like Different types of gauges and plugs, Pitchometer, Sine Bar, Bevel Protractor, Propeller, DB Meter, Lux Meter, Super Micrometer etc. to make the students connected with different measuring instruments and measurement processes.


Location: 2nd floor, E.M.E. Building.

With a large number of modern computers, multimedia projector and high speed internet connections this laboratory maintains a proper atmosphere to teach students extensively about various 2D and 3D modelling softwares (AutoCAD, Solid Works, CATIA) and programming languages (MATLAB/Simulink).

Material Handling Lab

Location: 5th floor, E.M.E. Building.

Material handling laboratory is equipped with different modern material hauling appliances like screw conveyors, belt conveyors, roller conveyors, chain conveyor etc. to serve the purpose of making students learn the essence of a real industrial environment and gain knowledge to design a custom material handling system for any industry along with planning the facility layout.

Instrumentation & Control Lab

Location: 2nd floor, E.M.E. Building.

With the endeavor to provide familiarity on automation and control to the students, Instrumentation and Control Laboratory is equipped with two PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Industrial Robot (ROBOTEK II) , Analog-Digital Motor Control, Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and Mechanism Maintenance Trainer Board.

Simulation & Optimization Lab

Location: 2nd floor, E.M.E. Building.

A variety of optimization and simulation software like MATLAB, ARENA, ANSYS, COMSOL, Materials Studio etc are taught in this laboratory with the help of modern computers and high speed internet connections to make the students familiar with the importance of simulation in the industrial sectors. The lab also incorporates a Projet 260C 3D printer.

Production Process Lab

Location: 3rd floor, E.M.E. Building.

This laboratory is equipped with microscopes and different testing machines such as- Fatigue Testing Machine, Micro Hardness Tester, Universal Testing Machine, Tensile Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine to serve the purpose of joint test with computer control to make the students acquainted with different welding joints and their strengths and to familiarize them with the microstructure of these welded joints.

Ergonomics & Safety Lab

Location: 5th floor, E.M.E. Building.

This laboratory is planned to serve the need of optimal design of work centers around two basic components; namely workplace layout and method engineering. In workplace layout practices, ergonomic principles dictate the terms while in method engineering, a traditional discipline dealing with analysis and synthesis of human machine interactions leads to the optimized utilization of human resources and facilities. Again another prime purpose of the laboratory is to let the students know about primary safety guidelines, personal protective equipment (PPE), risk and safety analysis of a particular environment etc.

Product Design Lab

Location: 5th floor, E.M.E. Building.

Product design laboratory is designed to give the students detail knowledge of various stages and processes of bringing a new product or modifying an existing product to the market where students conduct customer surveys, convert customer requirements into technical language, design and manufacture the prototype of a particular assigned product. The product design lab also contains several model projects that have been designed by our students.